We will handle your complete procurement process from consultation right through to supply.
Stratus Blue Procurement services streamlines the product purchasing process, removing the hassle of procurement and additionally providing configuration and installation saving your organisation time and money.

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With your IT network so integral to the way you do business, having round the clock IT support in place is an absolute essential.
We have the experience and expertise to provide it, offering a range of proactive IT support plans that promise peace of mind.

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Security and Business Continuity

Threats are multiplying every day. Security needs to be at the forefront of strategy, not an afterthought. We design for security and provide business continuity and disaster recovery options.

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network setup and support

Your computer network is the invisible pulsing heart of your organisation. When it’s working as it should, you won’t even think about it. But when there’s a slowdown or security breach, the entire organisation is affected. In a world with ever-increasing cyber-attacks and complicated data security legislation, your network needs to be expertly installed and proactively managed. Our IT network support services are proactive.

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When trying to improve security, facilitate collaboration, increase productivity, or protect your IT assets with physical security features, it’s generally the end result you have in mind. But a crucial step to make it work and to turn your vision into a reality is to have a reliable network infrastructure to build on.


A comprehensive managed cybersecurity solution is a critical part of maintaining business continuity and data security. Robust cybersecurity includes persistent threat monitoring, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements, and managing data recovery services.


In a fast-paced environment where a single computer issue can destroy productivity, an IT help desk with instant support and a robust emergency response plan will help keep your business running smoothly. Call in with an issue and get help right when you need it.


Proactive IT services means working around the clock to identify and prevent issues before they become major problems. This means monitoring devices, servers, and workstations while you sleep, ensuring that your systems stay up and running when you need them.


A trustworthy IT partner prioritizes full transparency, so that clients have a clear understanding of what is being done and why. This means flat-rate monthly billing for unlimited managed IT services, and clear customer service metrics for performance and accountability.


Doing IT right means giving back to the community and treating employees and clients like family. Great companies take care of their people, who are then inspired to deliver excellent service, collaborate with clients, and volunteer in their communities.

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An IT partner who cares about your business

We help businesses boost revenue through operational efficiency. We do this by freeing you of the burden of business technology issues and long-term IT decision-making. SMEs from every sector trust us to recommend what is best for their business – and we’ll never recommend a solution that’s not exactly what you need. We have honest conversations that put your business at the heart of what we do, and we take the time to make sure our solutions align with your goals. With our IT Helpdesk, local project success, and experience across key sectors, you get more than IT support and expertise. You get real value from an IT partner who cares about your bottom line and peace of mind.

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Meeting the challenges of working from home

These are challenging times as we all struggle to come to terms with the deaths and the ongoing mental, physical and financial stresses that our families and colleagues may yet suffer. With the spread of Covid-19, remote work is suddenly an overnight requirement for many. It is realistic to assume that shifting to the “home […]

Technology resilience – now and in the future

As we hopefully come out of COVID-19 lockdown and move beyond, business operators are being forced to rethink their norms. And one of the main areas impacted is the actual location of where we all work. Work is a function not a place. A large proportion of the workforce are now working from home and […]

Know what purpose your technology serves

You don’t have to be too much of a salty seadog to know that if you’re heading into uncharted waters, with a forecast for plenty of storms ahead, you don’t want to be in a leaky boat. Likewise, to successfully navigate the economic times ahead businesses need to ensure their IT platform is secure and […]

Stay vigilant to resist changing face of cyber attacks

It is a matter of fact that technology has a large role in our day to day lives. And with the separation of work forces and the activity of working remotely – using home security and home internet services, away from the workplace environment – today’s cyber criminals are more empowered than ever before. Whether […]

More regulation could enhance IT infrastructure development

A lot happens in the tech world in three years. New Zealand firms have sent rockets to space, developed autonomous vehicles and put faces to artificial intelligence. This all occurs when we get the infrastructure and foundations in place for this type of technology to do its thing. But at the moment, the technology sector […]

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